Vietnam flag
  • Country
  • Capital
  • Continent
  • Population
  • Area
    330,000 km²
  • Currency
    Dong (VND)
  • TLD

All of Vietnam uses the same time zone, namely Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh. The UTC time zone offset is --, also called --. Vietnam does not observe daylight saving time.

Vietnam (Off. Socialist Republic of Vietnam) has a population of 96 million people with Hanoi as the capital city. The official currency is Dong (VND). Vietnam is locaded in South-Eastern Asia, has an area of 330,000 km² and is bordering Cambodia, China and Laos.

The next holiday in Vietnam is National Day on September 2, 2024

2024 Holidays in Vietnam

  • Jan 1
    New Year's Day
  • Feb 9
    Vietnamese New Year Holidays
  • Feb 10
    Vietnamese New Year
  • Apr 18
    Hung Kings Commemorations
  • Apr 30
    Day of liberating the South for national reunification
  • May 1
    Labour Day
  • Sep 2
    National Day

Largest cities in Vietnam

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